Marty Epp-Carter’s show A Loud Whisper opening October 13th

Marty Epp-Carter’s show A Loud Whisper opening October 13th

Marty Epp-Carter’s show A Loud Whisper opening October 13th

We love artists that play in the studio and Marty Epp-Carter embraces that mentality whole-heartedly. The work that emerges has a lyrical weightlessness that speaks to the dancing and games of chance that brought it to fruition. On October 13th we are going to have all fresh work from this amazing artist in her show entitled: A Loud Whisper.

martystudio2sqsmWe’re not joking about the games. Epp-Carter has incorporated a system of chance and unpredictability in her work that stems from the Dadaist quest for the unexpected. Part of Epp-Carter’s drive in her art is to be surprised. If she is intrigued, the more likely the viewer will be intrigued. (And we are!) So to surprise herself she plays games. Spin the paints! Choose a card! She is beholden to fate. As John Cage once said, “A ‘mistake’ is beside the point, for once anything happens it authentically is.” And then Epp-Carter goes about the business of realizing the full potential of what just authentically happened.

Her work for  A Loud Whisper is a series of collages that marries the idea of randomness and intentionality to create new narratives. Her immaculate studio, lined with flat files, stores treasures upon treasures from which she can draw a rainbow or sad rhinoceros. Old prints, cut stencils, notes passed in lectures, all are lovingly kept for when they may one day be reborn.


Storytime:  When Marty’s family would build a new house, which was often, her mother would have pieces built from any trees that had to be cut down. Then she would put that piece where the tree once stood inside their new home. This is beautiful and important.


unnamedMarty Epp-Carter is also a teacher at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities. She was lucky enough to grasp early on that learning flows both ways in the classroom. Her first class was full of 90 year old women with more wisdom to give and baked goods to share than she had thought possible. Now, guiding young artists, Epp-Carter still maintains that ideology of a shared work-space, a “we” oriented classroom. Her students motivate her to lead by example, to work, to take risks. A recent mantra is to “leap and grow your wings while you fall.” I’m sure there have been crashes, but this show is all flight.

So, opening reception October 13th 6-8. You’re coming. It’s going to be fun.