Mary Lekoshere

Squint, 2020
Oil on Canvas
7 x 5 x 1.50 in

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Mary Lekoshere

What I’m chasing in my art, is the Ache—the ache of beauty and the ache of a shared human experience. As an artist, I’m thankful that I have something to do when I encounter beauty; that I have a way to respond to it and push it forward into a tangible image; to join in the Creative cry of, “It is good.” 


I’ve long been deeply interested in humans—what makes them tick, the way they look; and while I enjoy painting a still life, or animals, my highest interest is showing people in their world. Sometimes that world is sun-soaked and free, and sometimes it is laborious. Always it is a celebration of form, and color, and the beauty of the medium itself. 

To create something and to share it with you is an intimate thing—it is the child tugging at their mother’s sleeve saying, “Do you see what I see? Is it important to you, do you delight in it?” In my work, I show you what stirs me, and if it stirs you, then I’ve created something worthwhile. 


Mary Lekoshere is a native of Greenville, SC. She received her bachelors degree in 2007 from Bob Jones University with a major in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. She pursues both fine art and illustration and works in oil, watercolor and linocut. Her primary subject matters are people, animals and still life.

Mary and her husband currently live in Blacksburg, Virginia, where she paints 

in-between parenting their four children. 



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