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Olivia Perreault is an emerging artist currently residing in Greenville, SC. Olivia was born in central Massachusetts where she fell in love with creating at an early age. Starting out as an avid finger painting four year old, then crafting weekly with her girl-scout troop. In middle-school Olivia moved to Upstate NY, where she began to realize her potential for art while competing in county art fairs and the National Christian Association Art Competition hosted in Greenville, SC. Olivia went on to study Illustration from Indiana Wesleyan University, receiving her bachelors degree. During her last year of college she realized her true passion in art was surrounding the idea of organic forms found in nature. In 2017-2018 Olivia was awarded a local fellowship where she was able to dive deep into spending time developing her craft. Olivia has a deep connection to her geography as a well-traveled individual within the United States, which greatly influences her work. Currently, Olivia paints landscapes which mostly depict the swampy regions of the South. Olivia’s painting style is realistic with a focus on unexpected color schemes and stylized brushstrokes. She is particularly fascinated by the juxtaposition between land, water and sky; aiming to portray those three elements in every painting.

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