Charlotte Filbert

Inspired by the sea, and energized by the music she listens to, Charlotte usually turns up the sounds of the 80’s to carry her through a night of painting.

Cheyenne Trunnell

“As I have grown older, I have realized that our culture is always in such a hurry. If we don’t stop to ponder and be still, we will miss all the little gifts of joy given each day!”

Eva Magill-Oliver

The natural world is an ever-present theme in her work and one that is also transitional based on her surrounding landscape.

 Jeffrey Leder

“The more I consider why I make art, the more I realize it is about pleasure. The pleasure of solving and creating something beyond myself - beyond what I imagine.”

Jessica Fields

Jessica paints landscapes. Even when she’s not really painting a landscape, it’s probably kind of a landscape.

Teresa Roche

For many years Teresa has had an eye for creating all things beautiful and inspiring. Whether it was in her bridal store, in the theater or a dance studio. She finds great satisfaction in the design process.

Works on Paper