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Moodboard, our first-ever Asheville, NC exhibition can now be shopped below!

The exhibition entitled, Moodboard, will feature work from locally and nationally collected artists, Charlotte Filbert, Cheyenne Trunnell, Eva Magill Oliver, Jeffrey Leder, Jessica Fields and Teresa Roche. Moodboard encourages each participating artist to assess the seasonal color story that runs through all levels of fashion and design and then to create works that speak to those current trends.

Charlotte Filbert

Inspired by the sea, and energized by the music she listens to, Charlotte usually turns up the sounds of the 80’s to carry her through a night of painting.

Cheyenne Trunnell

“As I have grown older, I have realized that our culture is always in such a hurry. If we don’t stop to ponder and be still, we will miss all the little gifts of joy given each day!”

Eva Magill-Oliver

The natural world is an ever-present theme in her work and one that is also transitional based on her surrounding landscape.

 Jeffrey Leder

“The more I consider why I make art, the more I realize it is about pleasure. The pleasure of solving and creating something beyond myself - beyond what I imagine.”

Jessica Fields

Jessica paints landscapes. Even when she’s not really painting a landscape, it’s probably kind of a landscape.

Teresa Roche

For many years Teresa has had an eye for creating all things beautiful and inspiring. Whether it was in her bridal store, in the theater or a dance studio. She finds great satisfaction in the design process.

Works on Paper