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Bethany continues to be inspired by the parallels between her process and the human experience.  She is fascinated by human nature and the ways in which we are layered with contrasting experiences that lead to our perspectives. She uses layering in her paintings to find meaning and direction in and out of the studio.  

"I am fascinated by people's perspectives and how they dictate direction.  Which perspectives are predetermined and fixed and which ones are moldable and ever changing?   I think this fascination comes from being adopted and always welcoming the nature vs nurture conversation.  It seems that we are all layers of history, experience, encounters, relationships, victories, failures....the list goes on.  I'm interested in what each layer in time reveals to us and how it dictates our perspectives, choices and directions.  My painting process is not very different.  My paintings reveal themselves layer by layer.   There are so many opportunities for surprise with each layer of paint that I apply.  Regardless of what plans I put in place before I begin, there are always happy mistakes, surprise reactions with the materials, or in some cases, devastating wrong turns that I have to recover from.   I enjoy the emotional roller coaster that can come with the process of abstract painting.  It has strengthened my ability in and out of the studio to make choices that are guided by my intuition rather than outside influences.   I'm so grateful to be able to create from a place of my own.   I love that abstract work offers the viewer a similar experience of reacting from a place of their own and adding elements of those reflections in their home through a piece that they connect with”