Popping Up! Annalisa Fink's new smalls - Just in time for the Holidays!


We just adore Annalisa Fink and her bold strokes that seem to capture light and shadow in the most remarkable way. Here is a little from Fink of this special collection:

“This is collection is play. As a girl I ran through an endless maze of flower beds in our yard until I got tired and would fall down to rest under peonies or iris blooms...up close they were a world of their own. I’m after that feeling of bright glimpses of the world as you run and play, and the delicate stories told by a leaf and stem when you stop to listen. South Carolina is the garden I’m painting, dancing in and out of wide and intimate looks.“

“In Thought Word and Deed”, 8 x 8 inches

“In Thought Word and Deed”, 8 x 8 inches

This Friday and Saturday we will be hosting a pop-up show with a collection of smaller pieces as well as a few mid-sized paintings. Pre-sales will begin tomorrow, Wednesday 12/5 and you can shop by clicking here - link will be live tomorrow am.