Summer 2018 Happenings

We are BACK and so excited to introduce you to our new website! As we move forward, you will be able to see more content on our site, including blog posts complete with upcoming events, projects we are working on with our private and corporate collectors, artist profiles, an online shop and more! For now, check out the below for all of the fun heading your way this summer here at A&L Gallery.


P A T   K I L B U R G   &   L I Z   R U N D O R F   S M I T H

S u r f a c e   E x c h a n g e

j u l y   2 0 t h   -   a u g u s t   1 1 t h

Join us as we welcome Rundorff Smith and Kilburg for an exciting joint exhibition from two of Greenville's very own art powerhouses. 


E L I Z A B E T H   F E W

L e i z u    c o l l e c t i o n    P o p - U p

j u l y   2 3 r d     1 0 a m   -   4 p m

Each piece in this collection is made from 100% silk charmeuse, and each one-of-a-kind piece hand dyed using flowers and other botanicals. Leizu bedding and lingerie has been featured in Vogue, Elle Decor and in goop.

Heather banner.jpg

H E A T H E R   L A H A I S E

D o g   i n   t h e   B o x

a u g u s t   4 t h    1 0 a m  -  4 p m

For the second time this year, we are welcoming pup artist and advocate, Heather LaHaise in for her "Dog in the Box" pop-up and fundraiser. The purchase from these sweetpups in a box will help dogs in need in the Upstate.