A Sideways Glance - The Newest Collection from Diane Kilgore Condon


You know her for her constant presence in the Greenville art-scene, owner of Art Bomb Studios, as well as her collectible and elegant birds painted on wooden blocks. Diane Kilgore Condon is an incredible talent whose paintings have, in her own words, been forming for more than 40 years.

Please see below for a bit more on what the artist has to say about her work and process:

“My paintings have been forming for 40 years, and even now may be partially hidden to me, but I am trying to look at them again, sometimes sideways, and to comprehend the narrative woven into them. I am not trying to win arguments, or to inspire a generation, or anything like that. I am trying to see the glances, feel the breezes, to connect myself to others by looking hard at the moments that fill up our lives together. I want to see who we were and who we are before we change and change and change again. And sometimes, I get ironic and think it's all just utterly hilarious. And then I assign each of these a symbol and sometimes you become a boat. “

The Jade Shade (Tree)_48 x 48_4600.JPG

Alan Etheridge of the Metropolitan Arts Council has this to say about Diane:

“Diane Kilgore Condon has been a stalwart in Greenville’s visual arts community for over 20 years.  Her paintings and sculptures have been instrumental in ensuring the success of events like Greenville Open Studios, because her commitment to quality is unwavering.  Her techniques, her color palette and her subject matter have been immensely popular over the years.  I’ve always admired both the serious and the playful sides of her large-scale paintings.  Diane is truly a visionary:  her founding of ArtBomb was the seminal moment in the transformation of West Greenville.”

We are thrilled to represent Diane’s work on a regular basis and even more excited to welcome her back for a solo exhibition starting this Friday, February 1st which runs through February 23rd. Please join us on opening day from 6pm - 8pm for a reception honoring the artist. It will be the perfect time to enjoy and collect from Diane’s most recent collection.