UNCONVENTIONAL NUDES: Pop-Up by Jessica Fields and Madeleine Peck-Wagner

Art & Light is excited to present two artists well-known for their distinctive styles, introducing work you haven’t seen from them yet. With thick, buttery layers and thoughtfully sculpted mark making, Jessica Fields’ landscapes have left you speechless. Madeleine Peck-Wagner’s intricate and uniquely detailed deer and horse drawings have caught you captivated... Now we are thrilled to introduce a collection of nude works by these remarkable talents for a special pop-up.

Read below for some words from the artists…

Jessica Fields

The drama and intimacy I feel with my landscapes is the same thing that drives me to work with the figure. Working with the female form is a whole stack of processes. It’s self reflection and curiosity and politics and confidence and fear. And maybe most importantly a collaboration. It’s definitely the only time I don't have head phones on when I paint. 


Madeleine Peck-Wagner

I’m making these works as an attempt to reconcile my quick gestural drawings within a language that nods to printmaking and painting. I’m excited for this opportunity to showcase them in a pop up framework because that allows me to be ‘less precious’ and more experimental. I am working with the female form as a way to make works that are simultaneously fashion adjacent while also being a more formal exploration of form. Also, I’ll have some of my animal drawings because they’re endlessly fascinating to me, and a way to encourage compassion for all beings.


We hope you join us THIS FRIDAY, October 11th for a "Meet & Mimosas" drop-in event from 10am - 2pm where you can meet both artists and sip our favorite of all daytime celebratory beverages.

Works will be made available online on Saturday, October 12th.