Intention, Heritage and Influence - The Art of Michelle Jardines

Art & Light believes not only in the talent of the artists that we represent regularly, but the talent of those creatives outside of our current roster as well. The work of Michelle Jardines has caught our eye and we are thrilled to bring to you her very first exhibition with A&L Gallery! Partnering with veteran talent, Annalisa Fink, our newest exhibition entitled, “Transcendence + Imminence,” pulls together the vastness of space in Michelle’s work to the detailed flora of Annalisa’s.

“Wild Green Valley”, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 30”

“Wild Green Valley”, Oil on Canvas, 30” x 30”

Michelle Jardines is a first generation Cuban-American who has emerged in the wake of the influence of Gerhard Richter and J.M.W Turner. Her Cuban heritage has led her to focus on abstract realism and abstract expressionism that are continuously evolving through her life experiences.  

Through the expressive brush strokes, unique use of her palette knife and various blending techniques, she alters and creates compelling and memorable paintings with bold colors and dramatic compositions. Jardines explores the spiritual fragility of her surrounding environment and human emotion in her oil paintings on canvas.


“My intention as an artist is to transfer my deep thoughts into acceptable strokes.  That moment of sublimation where my impulse converts and transforms what I create into a moment that stands still into the audiences mind. In return, my hope is that it brings them calmness, connection…like a divine dream and I lose sight of my initial thoughts.  A harmonious peace between the audience and I is then created.” 

Please join us for the unveiling of her latest collection in a joint exhibition with Annalisa Fink - “Transcendence + Imminence” - opening THIS FRIDAY, April 5th from 6pm- 8pm.