Crossed Wires - the work of Eileen Blyth


We have long-loved and admired the work of Columbia, SC artist, Eileen Blyth, and are thrilled to host her for a two week exhibition entitled, Crossed Wires.

“My head is full of thoughts, conscience and sub-conscience. I am in conversation, or meditating, over analyzing, or simply joyfully reacting to an environmentally inspired mood. Bold lines are followed by quieter thoughtful ones as if i am having a discussion, debating. Sometimes it amuses me. Sometimes it is frustrating. I am digging in, digging deep. It has to feel authentic. I am trying to discover, not just repeat the same words over and over. My mood may change from one day to the next so balancing the conversation, being consistent in thought; one conversation at a time, is impossible. I usually work on 4 or 5 pieces at a time, turning from a painting to a sculpture and then to yet another painting in one session. Starting on the floor, I may be moving paint and lines around. Then, I find myself in another corner of the studio with a piece of worn wood and rusted nails in my hands. It makes perfect sense that I see my lines in my sculpture and my sculpture in my drawings but it always surprises me. I like experiencing that same moment of surprise when a viewer, for just one second isn't sure what they are looking at.” - Eilee Blyth


Blyth is an internationally collected artist with notable exhibitions not only in the United States, but also in Germany and Japan. In addition, Blyth has created work for multiple public projects with the most recent being the City of Columbia’s new Interactive Park set to open later this summer.

Crossed Wires is available for viewing and collecting in the gallery from July 16th - July 27th with a reception and artist meet and greet Friday, July 19th from 6pm - 8pm. Works will be made available online Thursday, July 18th.