Introducing: Greenville Dance Collective

Greenville Dance Collective

For our 13th Birthday Celebration, we are excited to welcome the Greenville Dance Collective into the gallery for an evening of performances.

Greenville Dance Collective was created out of the passion for the artistry of contemporary and modern dance. GDC creates a space to share contemporary dance, a space where dancers can speak with movement and learn from each other. These dancers pride themselves on continuing to educate and share their art form with each other and the community.

Throughout our Anniversary Show, dancers will be performing short pieces in 3-5 minute intervals, using the gallery space as their stage. We are thrilled to present an evening where you may be immersed in art both on and off the walls.



The Same Difference
Choreography: Megan Hannon, Soundscore: Move on; For Purpose, I Wonder - Compiled from In His Ghostly Heart by David Wenngren, Absorb by Che, Street Flare by Kane Ikin. 

This piece touches on the conflict and harmony of internal dialogue. The dancers represent different emotions/ ideas/ thoughts, within one human body. 

Within My Home
Directed by Megan Hannon in collaboration with dancers and musician, Thom Hannon 

This piece is derived from a poem created by all involved, it talks about our journey of life and the growth we endure. Towards the end the dancers find themselves on their own tangling within themselves while reaching for one another while Thom sings out “Sending out an SOS”. 

Beloved Exile
Choreography: Naina Dewan, Music: Geoffrey Oryema
Performers: Brandyn Bishop, Megan Hannon, Paige Maxwell, Vaughn Newman, Grace Smith 

Beloved Exile explores the spaces in between desperate isolation and deep community.


We hope to see you in the gallery for our birthday celebration on August 23rd! Join us from 6-8pm for an evening of visual and performing art. Cheers to 13 years!