EUPHORIC: sight and taste


Chefs are artists that work with food instead of paints and brushes. We are firm believers that creatives inspire other creatives and with Euphoria Greenville right around the corner, we wanted to be sure and celebrate the connection that can happen when creatives of a different sort inspire the ones the gallery works with regularly.

Glory Day Loflin and Rachael Nerney were asked to build a collection of small works with inspiration coming from their favorite local restaurants (Greenville and Charleston respectively) and both were thrilled to tackle the request!

Loflin pulled her inspiration from the Instagram accounts of Greenville go-to’s: The Anchorage, Husk and Jianna, to name a few, while Nerney focused on Charleston favorites: S.N.O.B., The Obstinate Daughter and Miller’s All Day. The end result were thirteen incredible works to make your mouth water!

EUPHORIC: sight and taste runs September 11th - September 21st

Euphoria Greenville 2019 is September 19th - 22nd