PARSING CHEMISTRY: The Works of Jessica Fields and Ellen Rolli


Art & Light Gallery is pleased to present our latest exhibition, “PARSING CHEMISTRY”, a duo show featuring the works of Ellen Rolli and Jessica Fields.

Ellen Rolli’s collection of works, like Jessica’s, move between the world of abstraction and recognizable imagery.  Although two distinct styles, Rolli and Fields often interpret their world with similar palettes and subjects. This makes for a pleasing merging of work and a harmonious combination. 

Rolli favors an intuitive approach to her work, trusting the process to take her where it will. Recently her paintings have begun to move from pure abstraction towards a semi abstract interpretation of subject matter, specifically still life. But texture, mark making and a nuanced palette remain a constant.

Ellen Rolli working in her studio

Ellen Rolli working in her studio

This collection of Jessica Fields paintings were created in response to the art of Ellen Rolli. They are a visual feedback to the drama in Rolli’s mark making and the warm tranquility of her colors. Both artists take inspiration from nature and then stretch it to expansive and mythic dimensions until these shapes border on nostalgia and memory.

In Fields work she tunes her palette towards comfort and intimacy. Within that embrace the familiar is broken and flattened into moment that can be held onto. Sometimes stretched big like a map, sometimes folded up so small it can fit in a pocket. But something tangible to take home.

Jessica Fields working in her studio

Jessica Fields working in her studio

A&L’s Teresa Roche shared some thoughts with us on why she’s looking forward to this duo show...

“At the end of 2013 I was looking for an art class to take and just happened to see Ellen Rolli’s work in a gallery in Atlanta around the same time. I was immediately taken with Ellen’s work - so much so that I began googling her only to find that she taught workshops in her hometown of Boston. I already had a trip planned to New York for January of 2014, so I reached out to Ellen to see if I could spend a day in Boston in a private lesson. Lucky for me she said yes and I immediately booked a train ticket from Manhattan to Boston. It’s truly one of the best moves I’ve ever made. I needed encouragement to continue my journey and Ellen’s workshop allowed me to take risks, forget about fear and simply trust the abstract art making process. I got far more than instruction from that class and also found a friend for life. Ellen and I have cheered, encouraged and championed one another from afar and I cannot believe that she is now showing at Art & Light. This show will be Ellen’s first and I can hardly wait to introduce her to Greenville in person.

Not long after meeting Ellen I had the same “oh my goodness, stop me in my tracks moment” when viewing Jessica Field’s work for the first time. It was during a show at Barb Blair’s Knack Studios that I saw it. The thick buttery paint in the softest of hues was delicious!! I visited the work 3 times over the length of the show and bought two pieces. The wax infused paint is chunky and feels edible to me - I could not stop thinking about it. I invited Jessica to join A&L shortly after that and she has been such a rich addition to the gallery ever since. I’m such a lucky girl to get to rub shoulders with her almost every day now - her studio is actually right beside mine upstairs at A&L. Jessica and I lean on one another sometimes during our process - boy do I need her…we help one another to see things differently and offer a type of critique the only those who trust one another completely can do - she is truly one of the most gifted painters and art historians that I have ever met. I trust every word she says.

This show is kismet - these two artists together - two gifted humans with so much to give and two who swept me off my feet from day one!! They’ve never met, but will next week - I can’t wait to have these two together under one roof!” -Teresa Roche

Join us in the gallery for the opening of “PARSING CHEMISTRY: Abstracted Visions” this Friday October 4th from 6-8 pm as we celebrate these two remarkable talents.