New to the A&L Team! Introducing: Caroline Wright

We have a new addition to the Art & Light team, and we are so excited to introduce you to Caroline Wright! A graduate of Anderson University with a degree in painting and art history, Caroline brings a genuine adoration for the arts and an eagerness to share her passion. She will be training as our newest consultant as we continue to grow and connect collectors with incredible artwork.

Get to know Caroline below…


Q: What excites you the most about working with Art & Light?

A: I’ve always been interested in relationships between people: how they’re formed, how they each differ between person to to person...working at the gallery has been an incredibly unique way to build relationships. You get to know both artist and collector intimately. Each collector has their own unique eye. Even people collecting the same artists work have a specific way that the work resonates with them, they like it for different reasons and pair it with completely different things. Helping a customer build and curate their art collection is an incredible insight into their personality, style, and what they find meaningful. We go into the conversation with a collector already knowing the artists whose work they are considering well - where they were born, how they were raised, their accomplishments, and what inspires them to create. What we don’t know is how that artists work will uniquely connect with a collector, and that is one of the most beautiful and exciting parts about getting to work with Art & Light.

Q: As an artist of Art Bomb Studios you’ve had the opportunity to work alongside and receive mentor-ship from seasoned professionals including Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers, Katie Walker, Diane Kilgore Condon, and Tim Speaker. Can you tell us a little about what you’ve learned from these talents?

A: So much. Being at Art Bomb has been one of the biggest blessings of my art career. It is an incredible gift it is to sit in Diane’s studio and actually get to watch her paint, or to hear Katie work through her process, but I think my biggest takeaway from all of them has simply been to work hard, and not overthink. Making the shift from university a couple of years ago to being a working artist was a little difficult. I was still thinking a lot in terms of projects and assignments, but I remember Jo Carol telling me at the studio a year ago “This isn’t school anymore, just paint!” And that is what these artists do, they paint: constantly, tirelessly, religiously, and without hesitation. I’ve learned to loosen up a lot, a hard lesson for a practiced over thinker, and let my work stem from my life experiences and letting the meaning behind the work grow and develop from that rather than trying to force an exterior concept and purpose into the work like it often is in school. I have a saying by Michael Schrage tacked on my studio wall given to me, like a charge or almost a dare, by Tim Speaker, “Serious Play,” and those two little words pretty much sum up what I’ve learned at this studio, and what I’ve been trying to live and create by.

Q: We hear you're into contra dancing, what do you love about it and where's your favorite place to go?

Oh contra. I’ve been going since I was 13, and similar to the art world, it’s a great place of community. You can go with friends or on your own, in a good mood or a sad one, full of energy or exhausted, and you see are bound to end up having a good time. I’ve always been a dancer, but contra has something to it that’s so much more than dance. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs come together in one room spinning each other away into the night, and you completely forget that you have any differences at all. Like most of my favorite things in life, contra is all about forming relationships and being accepted for who you are. I highly recommend trying it out to anyone. My favorite place to go dance is Warren Wilson College, right outside Asheville. You can always count on an armful of old friends and several new ones coming and going with the semesters.

Caroline is an exciting new addition to the A &L team and we know she looks forward to meeting and working with you!