Surface Exchange - Liz Rundorff Smith and Patricia Kilburg

Two completely different and separate voices creating work, side by side.

Rundorff Smith and Kilburg spent several months working together to create a body of work that reflects different approaches to encaustic and demonstrates the varying results that are possible with a contemporary approach to the medium. 

The encaustic medium is steeped in art historical significance – it is the same medium used by ancient Egyptians to make mummy portraits 2000 years ago.  A fresh approach to the medium lends contemporaneity to an art form with deep ties to tradition.  Rundorff Smith is creating minimalist graphic paintings incorporating pastels and graphite while Kilburg is working directly with the paint on a hot metal plate to create encaustic monotypes.  The exchange of ideas and processes produced a new body of work that is cohesive in terms of surface and technique but still addresses the distinctive concerns of both artists. Take a look below to see the artists in action.

A satisfying video showing the final tape-pulling on one of Liz Rundorff Smith's encaustic works.
Kilburg creating encaustic monotypes directly with the paint on a hot metal plate.

We at Art & Light are thrilled to share this unique and special body of work with you from July 20th to August 11th. We would also love to celebrate alongside the artists with you on the evening of Friday, July 20th from 6pm - 8pm.