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Heaven Walk With Me - A Moody Collection from Annie Koelle

Installation shot of two works hanging in the exhibition

Installation shot of two works hanging in the exhibition

Going into the Holidays, things become magical and the light shifts and is more fleeting. This exhibition of new works from Annie Koelle explores the bird’s eye view of this change in weather, season and light. Read more from the artist below:

“This collection of work was influenced by the brief space when the light in the sky begins to shift, right before the stars come out.  I have attempted to communicate a mood through the hues of blue and the quick marks of foliage in shadow compared to my earlier emotional and impulsively rendered cloudscapes. My family and I walked around our neighborhood often this fall to take advantage of the crisper air and distinctly delicate tones of light that changed with the season. I looked upwards much of the time and recorded a lot of my impression of stick and leaf patterns touching the sky. 

Conceptually, there’s a lot of personal significance in the combinations of images and the juxtaposition of micro views alongside macro views, heaven and earth, freedom and structure, safety and risk, faith, love and attachment, although each viewer is expected to arrange a collage of meaning and memory in their own hearts and minds. “

We hope to see you friday to celebrate this coming Friday, November 30th from 6pm - 8pm to celebrate this exceptional talent. Wednesday, November 28th, pre-sales begin on our website by clicking here or in person at the gallery. This collection is perfect as a gift to yourself or for the discerning collector on your list.

Selling, But No Sellout - Alicia Armstrong's "Capital at Play" Article

Photo by Anthony Harden , shared from Capital at Play Magazine

Photo by Anthony Harden, shared from Capital at Play Magazine

This past week we not only received an incredible new body of work from talented gallery artist, Alicia Armstrong, we also received a copy of Capital at Play Magazine in which she was recently featured. In the twelve page article, Armstrong talks about teamwork, where she started, the numbers side to the art business as well as her continual evolution as a creative.

Works currently available through Art & Light Gallery

Works currently available through Art & Light Gallery

Whether you are a creative or collector, this is a fabulous piece written by Marla Hardee Milling and worth the read. You can see the entire article here.