Popping Up! Annalisa Fink's new smalls - Just in time for the Holidays!


We just adore Annalisa Fink and her bold strokes that seem to capture light and shadow in the most remarkable way. Here is a little from Fink of this special collection:

“This is collection is play. As a girl I ran through an endless maze of flower beds in our yard until I got tired and would fall down to rest under peonies or iris blooms...up close they were a world of their own. I’m after that feeling of bright glimpses of the world as you run and play, and the delicate stories told by a leaf and stem when you stop to listen. South Carolina is the garden I’m painting, dancing in and out of wide and intimate looks.“

“In Thought Word and Deed”, 8 x 8 inches

“In Thought Word and Deed”, 8 x 8 inches

This Friday and Saturday we will be hosting a pop-up show with a collection of smaller pieces as well as a few mid-sized paintings. Pre-sales will begin tomorrow, Wednesday 12/5 and you can shop by clicking here - link will be live tomorrow am.

Heaven Walk With Me - A Moody Collection from Annie Koelle

Installation shot of two works hanging in the exhibition

Installation shot of two works hanging in the exhibition

Going into the Holidays, things become magical and the light shifts and is more fleeting. This exhibition of new works from Annie Koelle explores the bird’s eye view of this change in weather, season and light. Read more from the artist below:

“This collection of work was influenced by the brief space when the light in the sky begins to shift, right before the stars come out.  I have attempted to communicate a mood through the hues of blue and the quick marks of foliage in shadow compared to my earlier emotional and impulsively rendered cloudscapes. My family and I walked around our neighborhood often this fall to take advantage of the crisper air and distinctly delicate tones of light that changed with the season. I looked upwards much of the time and recorded a lot of my impression of stick and leaf patterns touching the sky. 

Conceptually, there’s a lot of personal significance in the combinations of images and the juxtaposition of micro views alongside macro views, heaven and earth, freedom and structure, safety and risk, faith, love and attachment, although each viewer is expected to arrange a collage of meaning and memory in their own hearts and minds. “

We hope to see you friday to celebrate this coming Friday, November 30th from 6pm - 8pm to celebrate this exceptional talent. Wednesday, November 28th, pre-sales begin on our website by clicking here or in person at the gallery. This collection is perfect as a gift to yourself or for the discerning collector on your list.

Selling, But No Sellout - Alicia Armstrong's "Capital at Play" Article

Photo by Anthony Harden , shared from Capital at Play Magazine

Photo by Anthony Harden, shared from Capital at Play Magazine

This past week we not only received an incredible new body of work from talented gallery artist, Alicia Armstrong, we also received a copy of Capital at Play Magazine in which she was recently featured. In the twelve page article, Armstrong talks about teamwork, where she started, the numbers side to the art business as well as her continual evolution as a creative.

Works currently available through Art & Light Gallery

Works currently available through Art & Light Gallery

Whether you are a creative or collector, this is a fabulous piece written by Marla Hardee Milling and worth the read. You can see the entire article here.

A Collaboration between Laura Cooke Ceramics and Eva Magill Oliver

Plate with stencil before glazing.

Plate with stencil before glazing.

Laura Cooke, a talented ceramicist from Asheville, North Carolina and Eva Magill Oliver, now a Greenville local, have teamed up once again to create an incredible collection of ceramics.

Cooke shapes the pieces of pottery while Magill Oliver uses original stencils to form the organic shapes glazed on to each one. Each vase, platter and cup are handcrafted with thoughtful care to each artists vision and style. Read below for their joint statement on this collaboration.

A selection of works that will be available for purchase.

A selection of works that will be available for purchase.

“We have such a respect and love for each other's creations. We wanted to combine the 2D visual art with the ceramic process to create an object of beauty and in tandem serve a function and quotidian purpose. 

We wanted to create designs for this collaboration that were strong and organic and most importantly that complimented and highlighted each other's artistic vision. We love the idea of marrying visual art with the utilitarian art of ceramics. Including well crafted designs and objects into everyday life is an important practice everyone should embrace and celebrate.”

Please join us THIS Friday and Saturday to see and collect these incredible pieces. Saturday from 10 - 4, both Cooke and Magill Oliver will be here to answer questions and chat about their craft. If you are not local, we will have their pieces available through our online pop-up shop Friday and Saturday.

MAC Open Studios - See what the Women of A&L Studios have been up to

If you missed us this week for First Friday, don’t worry, we have been prepping the gallery for the MAC Open Studios event this coming weekend! Once a year, artists from the Greenville area open their studios to the public in this three-day event. In our past blog posts, you read about the Women of Art & Light Studios and now you are invited into their private studio spaces to catch a glimpse at their processes and available works. Click on their names for a refresh of who each of these lovely ladies are: Teresa Roche, Kiah Bellows and Dorothy Shain

For more information and a map to plan out your weekend adventure, click here or stop by the gallery. We will be open this Friday, November 9th from 6pm - 8pm, Saturday, November 10th from 10am - 6pm and Sunday, November 11th from 12pm - 6pm. See you then!

A Homegrown World Traveler - Lewis Carl Pop Up

Photo Cred: Evan Lewis Photography

Photo Cred: Evan Lewis Photography

Color, texture & shape combine in mixed media compositions, reflecting influences in Lewis Carl’s unlikely journey—from living in the heart of the old textile capital of the southern US, traveling Europe and moving to Venice, Italy, and then returning back to Greenville again.

Lewis combines pieces of his used clothing, graphite, ink and paint to create abstract expressionist works reflecting the mosaic tiles of the old world while also paying homage to the geometric patterns of the south. 

Join us for a two-day pop up this Friday and Saturday to experience and collect his latest collection. Carl will be here on Saturday from 10am - 4pm to chat with and share more about his process.


Of Dark and Bright - A new collection from Laurie Buck

When Laurie strolled into the gallery last year and introduced herself, we just knew we would be working with a bright light. Wife, mother, painter…she juggles it all with grace and creates gorgeous floral paintings with depth and intrigue.

Read below for a look inside this beautiful exhibition.


“She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes.”

-Lord Byron

“I love exploring the effects of light and darkness on color, as well as on our moods, and am fascinated by the way the eye searches for light. This show is an examination of light and shadow, specifically on flowers, and reveals my embrace of them both. During this time of year where we meet with nearly equal amounts of night and day, I hope that these pieces, like this brilliant season, will remind the viewer of “all that’s best of dark and bright.”

~ Laurie Buck

“Gonna Rise Up” - a gorgeous 24” x 24” painting that is part of the show.

“Gonna Rise Up” - a gorgeous 24” x 24” painting that is part of the show.

Please join us this Friday, October 5th from 6pm - 8pm for a reception celebrating Laurie and her new body of work. “First Look” emails go out Tuesday morning and if you are interested in receiving this email, please sign up here. If you are not local to Greenville and unable to view the show in person, have no fear, all pieces will be posted to our website Wednesday at 10am EST under “Shop Current Exhibition”.

We were SCOUTED!

For the last three years we have seen and admired the Scout Guide and all of the incredible local businesses that it gets behind. We couldn’t be more honored to have been SCOUTED for the 4th volume of this gorgeous guide to local shopping, dining and services.

The Art & Light Gallery spread in this year’s issue featuring Teresa Roche (Owner), Bracken Sansbury (Gallery Manager) and Skyy (Resident Canine).

The Art & Light Gallery spread in this year’s issue featuring Teresa Roche (Owner), Bracken Sansbury (Gallery Manager) and Skyy (Resident Canine).

The Scout Guide started in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2010 and has since grown from a small, local publication to include over 60 cities. Each city guide is a unique publication dedicated to living beautifully, living well, and living like an insider—wherever you are.

Keaton Stroud, Clemson Graduate and Owner/Editor of the Greenville Scout Guide, reached out to us earlier in the year and being a local gallery that truly believes in our artists and what they do, we were thrilled at the opportunity to be part of such a respected guide in our community. We are also working on a couple collaborations with other Scouted businesses, so stay tuned.

To keep up with TSG, make sure to follow along on their instagram and blog. If you haven’t snagged a copy yet, be sure to stop in to the gallery today and grab yours.


A Match Made in Heaven - Douglas and Meredith Piper

This coming Saturday, September 22nd, we will be hosting a one-day pop up event featuring the joint work of Douglas and Meredith Piper!

The Piper’s will be here from 10am - 4pm this Saturday with a brand new and exciting body of work. The pieces in this new series are incredibly unique and feature both Meredith’s colorful painted landscape backgrounds and Douglas’s linoleum block prints. See images below for a sneak peek.

Meredith and Douglas moved from Louisiana back to Douglas’s hometown of Greenville and have since began to truly thrive in their respective artforms. Both Pipers have studio spaces located in the Art Crossing at Riverplace in downtown. It is exciting to see two artists with dramatically different styles come together to create work that both of their hands touch.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the pop-up. All work will be released the day of the event.

The Women of A&L Studios - Part III: Teresa Roche

Continuing our series on the three talented artists that spend their days painting in our A&L Studios, we introduce (or re-introduce) Gallery owner and artist, Teresa Roche. We have already covered local talent, Kiah Bellows and the newest addition, Dorothy Shain. You can look back at our blog history to catch more on them. 

Roche in the A&L Gallery kitchen featuring her wallpaper, "Sully's Bouquet" - Photo by  Luke Cleland

Roche in the A&L Gallery kitchen featuring her wallpaper, "Sully's Bouquet" - Photo by Luke Cleland

Teresa Roche is the woman behind Art & Light Gallery and has truly helped to shape the Greenville art community with her support of local artists and dreaming big. In addition to creating a beautiful gallery space here in the Village of West Greenville, Roche makes her own incredible paintings on paper and panel and with an intense love for pattern design and textiles, Roche has been working toward transforming her works of art into wallpaper and textiles. If you are looking to make a statement with unique patterns and gorgeous color, pop into the gallery or head to Roche's website to see what is available. 

"Macarena" wallpaper. Designed and styled by  Amanda Louise Interiors . Photo by  Luke Cleland .

"Macarena" wallpaper. Designed and styled by Amanda Louise Interiors. Photo by Luke Cleland.

This year has also been an exciting year for Roche as she has expanded her gallery representation to our friends at Miller Gallery, in Charleston, SC. Charleston is an exciting art market and both Roche and Bellows will celebrate a joint exhibition this November. Before that, Roche will have pieces available through Miller Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City, September 27th - 30th! 

It is always exciting to see talent grow and evolve. If you are interested in keeping up with Teresa and her latest endeavors, let us know. We will add you to her "First Look" list and keep you posted on new works of art and happenings.