Charlotte Filbert


 Inspired, Focused and Deliberative Abstracts

Charlotte absolutely lives and breathes painting, it’s her happy place. 

She can pull out ten canvases and bounce between them for hours on end and truly feel at peace. Charlotte’s inspiration comes from traveling and landscapes, and when places like the Earth tones in her college town of Santa Fe inspire her, she says the paintings just become. A sense of evolving and becoming are a common theme throughout her process.

Inspired by the sea, and energized by the music she listens to, Charlotte usually turns up the sound of the 80’s (and possibly some Bob Marley) to carry her through a night of painting.  She loses herself in the music as the senses intertwine and a beautiful series is born.

As Charlotte puts an album to a painting, the synergy does the rest. She says she once painted a whole show to one album; in fact, she needed it in its’ entirety to finish the pieces without changing the energy. 

Charlotte is passionate about her work, a loving and adventurous soul ready to express her emotion and energy by doing what she loves.