Eileen Blyth



She’s a go-with-the flow kind of woman who has a desire to create eye-catching art with the resources around her. She is calm, meditatively thoughtful, and sees the creative potential in objects most people overlook. At an early age, it was evident from her knack for detail and the drawings of her sisters that Eileen had a true, unmistakable talent. Little did she know in her youth, her skill and passion for art would bloom into a successful career. As one of eight children, Eileen was provided with lots of inspiration for her art. The support from her parents also motivated her to continue to do what she loved in life; her father would proudly take her drawings to work and this warmed the heart of a young, dedicated Eileen Blythe.

On her road to adult life, the trip to MUSC to become a dental hygienist took a sharp turn as she realized her heart and soul lied on a different path; she then attended The College of Charleston to study art, knowing that it was a much better fit for her. Eileen spent her days in school with paintbrushes delicately in hand and swiftly spread beautiful colors across canvases, but she eventually developed her skills in a different kind of art. Sculpture became a new area of growth for her as an artist; Eileen shared, “someone introduced me to my work.” It all began with an obsession of old, abandoned tires off the side of the road, and developed into more mixed media installations with resources like glass, for example. Her 2D work soon developed into 3D, off the wall creations and has captured the eyes of many distinguished galleries in the Carolinas and overseas in places like Toyko and Germany. For Eileen, it’s all about finding the right bits and pieces and figuring out how they all come together in perfect balance. And for the record, she’s not afraid to use power tools! Eileen expresses much satisfaction with her career and upcoming projects, “This is where I am going to be for a while. I am definitely in a good place.”