Eric Benjamin

Eric Benjamin_Crop.jpg

Eric Benjamin earned a BFA from Clemson University and has been painting in Greenville, SC for the past 22 years.

After his first painting in the studio at Clemson, Eric dropped his representational style, in favor of a more abstract style.  His images are based on the landscape which he describes as “loose representations of nature.”  Eric has taught art for 21 years and currently teaches at Stone Academy in Greenville. He received his teaching certification in education from Converse College and is a National Board Certified teacher. Eric enjoys sharing his classroom methods and philosophy with other teacher and has presented many times including at the National Art Education Association’s national conference in 2012.  

His work has been exhibited in shows in Greenville and throughout the region including: the Art Bomb, Open Studios, the Greenville County Museum of Art, the Pickens County Museum, the Anderson Art Show, Center Stage Gallery, and the Artist Guild of Atlanta.  He has received awards from the Artist Guild Gallery of Greenville, Artistphere’s Artist of the Upstate, and MAC’s Flat Out Under Pressure.

Eric’s paintings are in private and public collections both locally and abroad. He lives and works in Greenville with his wife Bekki and their three children Guy, Wolf and Meric.