Eva Magill Oliver


Eva Magill-Oliver is a multi-media artist currently living and working in Asheville, NC. She has called the mountains of Western North Carolina home since 2013. Prior to that, she spent several years in Atlanta, GA following a move back to the U.S. from Paris, France in 2010.

The natural world is an ever-present theme in her work and one that is also transitional based on the landscape that surrounds her. It inspires her color palettes, the way she creates patterns, and influences the organic shapes and silhouettes prevalent throughout her work.

"I love to explore the movements, patterns, and connections found in the natural world. I am in awe of nature's subtle variations and how they flow and influence one another."

She had been working uniquely on paper for several years, but has expanded her work to include oil/acrylic abstract paintings on canvas. The work is organic and represents the dynamic evolution that is the natural world.

Eva is represented by a number of galleries nationally and you can find her work featured in several online boutiques and publications.