Heather LaHaise


Though she was born in The Empire State, Heather Lahaise did most of her growing up in the sunny state of South Carolina. And thank goodness because we love showcasing her beautiful art in our Art and Light Gallery! As a child, she was always painting and drawing; it was evident that becoming an artist was going to be her path in life. Heather has always had a knack for painting those scruffy, tail wagging pets we all love so much. Growing up, Snoopy was her favorite muse but Heather certainly does not discriminate between dogs; she loves rescue pups, senior dogs, and strays, all of them. Heather explains her passion for painting America’s favorite pets; “Dogs have no pretense, just an innate desire to please and a lack of self-awareness that makes them beautiful.”

College allowed Heather to do lots of exploring in the world of creative expression. She majored in studio drawing and painting and dabbled in everything from fashion illustration to design, etc. Because of her dabbling in many areas, Heather is a well-versed artist, which certainly distinguishes her from all the rest. In creating her masterpieces, Heather’s inspiration of life’s natural beauty is her driving force. She seeks an emotional response in her works and hopes others feel a warm connection to them. The future looks bright for the extremely talented Heather Lahaise. She is currently working on a series of junkyard dogs using scrap wood, metal, and old signs and mixing regular paint and spray paint to create them. Raise your *virtual* hand if you can’t wait to see the final products!