Kiah Bellows


Let’s paint a picture of the beautiful Kiah Bellows. Kiah is a budding artist following her dreams and working hard to do so. She beats to her own drum with her enthusiasm for life and a smile always on her face. Though born in sunny Southern California, she’s also experienced life in Utah, Asheville, and our lovely city of Greenville. Kiah grew up in “the fixer uppers” with lots of character; it was an environment that stimulated ingenuity. Before the outdated wallpaper was ripped off of the wall, Kiah would let her creativity take over and drew whatever she felt needed to be expressed.

Kiah’s eyes are open to the beauty of the world around her and the sights she sees inspire her. In her paintings, she focuses on color and balance and loves working on abstract landscapes with subjective color. The vibrant colors of the Western skies particularly resonate with her and have become the inspiration for many of her creations. Kiah Bellows is a wandering soul with lots of life ahead of her to expand her artistic horizons. Join her on her journey. You won’t regret it.