Laura Cooke


Laura Cooke yearns for the slow paced life. She learned how to throw pottery in the hilltops of Cortona, Italy, and further fell in love with the craft while living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Laura gained a deep appreciation for the “Handmade, local” aspect we can all choose for our lives. At heart, Laura is a North Caroling girl who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Furman University in 2006. She is very attuned to form, color, and design, drawing much inspiration from nature. This stems from her innate ability to craft hand made pieces and exposure from time traveling and studying.

Once Laura decided to pursue pottery, she moved to Portland, Oregon to study in the ceramics program at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She apprenticed under renowned potter Victoria Christen while establishing her own pottery business.

Laura pays specific attention to the way her work feels to hold, and how easy it is to use. She explains, “I want the handles of my mugs and pitchers to have a comfortable grip, for example, and I curve up the edges of my plates slightly so sauces don’t run off and peas don’t escape”.  In the midst of society dominated by mass production, Laura takes joy in handmade local objects. “Making human connections is what we all yearn for” she quotes, and she hopes her work will help you slow down, even just for a meal.