MaryAnn Forehand


 Bold, Passionate, Visionary

Mary Ann Forehand is passionate and curious. She is talented, but above her talent, Mary Ann is driven. 

A 4.0 graduate from art school, complete with the award for most outstanding in Art and Painting/Drawing, Mary Ann Forehand worked hard to understand the driving force behind her artistic passions. Spending time working with metals and trying to find her groove, Mary Ann went back to her favorite medium and passion: painting. 

Religiously and with intense dedication, she started painting every day.  All the while she continued developing the connection between her heart and her hand. 

Mary Ann loves abstract painting. She says, “There’s a lot behind abstract painting. It’s never the same, and people get so fascinated with doing it, because it’s an adventure. It’s like closing your eyes and riding a bicycle down a hill with no hands. Experiencing the highest highs and the lowest lows, really fast.” 

There is a common thread in the way she builds her paintings. It’s in her process.

She starts with a blind drawing with a big graphite piece, then introduces a different medium, and lets the dialogue between artist and painting work its magic. There is so much movement and emotion in her paintings, even if you must get extremely close to see it – there are all kinds of organic marks bringing life to her creations.

Mary Ann sells her paintings so that she can have enough room to make more. Her process is ever flowing, and her paintings are ever evolving.