Teresa Roche

Teresa Roche.jpg

For many years Teresa has had an eye for creating all things beautiful and inspiring.  Whether it was in her bridal store, in the theatre, or a dance studio, she found great satisfaction in the design process and the final product as a way of personal expression.  Teresa majored in dance/arts in college .  Travel, music, family and theatre have been her passion all her life and have always influnenced her work.

Now, after many years in the marketing industry, Teresa has fulfilled her dream of opening her own art gallery.  Her art, inspired by her memories and her family, decorates the wall of countless homes throughout the Greenville area.  She also works hard to mentor and cultivate this shared passion with budding, emerging, and time-honored artists alike…all from within her gallery.

Teresa works mostly with wood, paper, and acrylic paint.  She describes her  unique design process as starting with a pristine surface and then doing whatever she can to mess it up:  to give it texture, to violate the wood, and then she works with lines and blocks of color.  Believing art to be a direct window to your soul, she bravely notes that, “being willing to take chances and to fail in order to end up with something worthy,” is the key to gratifying work.