There are endless ways to collect art. Some folks collect for investment, others for a sleek looking home and then there is me…because I love it and want things that make me happy in my home. 


As with most things, there can be a crossover in the WHY of adding art to your home or office, but from my personal experience as a collector and years of working with those adding art to their lives, here are a few of my favorite things to consider if you’re looking to build a personal collection of art that is meaningful and interesting.


◊ Does the art you’re considering make you feel something?


Since we have already covered that I don’t collect just to fill a hole on the wall, you can probably guess that I go by the way it makes me feel. Did the piece of art I am considering stop me in my tracks? Does it make me think or draw on a memory? Is this a piece that I want to enjoy daily and would I be upset if I came back for it and it was already sold? I am a believer that going with your gut is the perfect way to build a collected and wholly “you” art collection.

◊ Holes in the wall can be patched and furniture can move.


Don’t be afraid to bring home a piece of art that you connect with just because you don’t know where it is going to live. Now…if it is an ENORMOUS piece and you live in a tiny apartment with literally no wall for it, maybe pass for now ;) 


Art and furniture can move around your space as you come across new pieces you would like to add. Not only is it a-OK to shuffle your art around your space, it allows you to bring a whole new vibe to your rooms as the artwork changes. Need to make a little more wall space? Simply slide that piece of furniture over a few inches and the balance you’ll create with the art might just be perfect! Of course if you need a professional eye, we are always here to help and highly encourage taking  the piece(s) you might be interested in on approval to try before committing. If you're not local, we can even help you with a virtual installation.

◊ Don’t fret about being “matchy-matchy”


This one is important, but comes with a couple of caveats. A lived-in and collected looking home includes a bit of the unexpected. Colors don’t have to match, but they should compliment. Different styles can easily live together, though there should be a balance between busy and calm. 

◊ Consider mixing 3D in with the expected 2D


One of the easiest ways to create an interesting, effortless and collected space is to layer in three-dimensional work alongside your two-dimensional pieces. Paintings are so much easier for us to wrap our heads around when it comes to placement, but swapping candlesticks or bookends for sculpture on the mantle or bookcase can be an easy way to start incorporating three-dimensional work. There are also many artists that create 3D works meant to hang. Just a few are Laurel Siwicki, Soojin Choi and Virginia Scotchie.

◊ Last, but not least: Don’t rush it!


The biggest mistake people make when collecting art is rushing to fill every open spot all at once. This is the quickest way to kill that naturally collected look and can often lead to a little buyer’s remorse. “Collection” automatically implies that items are added over time, so remember that as you explore the world of art collecting and know we are here to help you along in your journey!

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